We sell a wide range of hardware and software products; UNIX and Windows-based servers, workstations, printers, monitors and networking products.  We also sell accounting software from Open Systems, Inc.  More information on these products is available in the Products section.


Complete Software Services provides installation on all products we sell.  Whether it is an entire server-based computer network or just a printer, Complete Software Services will deliver, install and configure the equipment to work with your company.  All accounting software products are also selected, installed and configured to your exact needs.  If we are upgrading your software then we provide all necessary conversions as well.  We don’t just sell it and move on; we believe it has to work properly before our work is done.


Complete Software Services provides full support for all products we sell.  We are, first and foremost, a computer support company.  Anyone can sell computer hardware and software, a true computer systems company provides all the support and training you need.  Complete Software Services does not just sell you a product and tell you to call the manufacturer’s support line; we are your support line. 


Complete Software Services has always provided programming services.  OPEN SYSTEMS® Accounting Software comes with the source code included.  This allows the software to be modified to fit the exact needs of the customer.  Complete Software Services provides custom modifications to OSAS software as well as our “stock” OpenUps enhancements to OPEN SYSTEMS® Accounting Software.  Complete Software Services can even provide entire custom applications for your company that will fully integrate with OSAS.


Complete Software Services also provides computer cabling for your existing office or new construction.  We provide all cabling, jacks, patch panels, racks, etc. needed for the job.

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